Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Re-upload some of the Download Link

Since my Forum (http://animedaisuki.forumer.com/) is doing the clean up for the Downloading Music and Anime Portion. And I noticed that, I have bunch of download music link are expired XD… now my job is try my best to re-upload all the Music. For Anime portion, I’ll try to ask somebody to help me except the licensed anime that I uploaded before.

So for some of you who notice that some download link that is not working any more and you really want the song, please leave me message, I’ll try my best to give you the priority to download the song that you want J But, as long as I still keep or can find the song in my computer, otherwise I’ll try to find another alternative way.

And for those who are good in Art, you can join the forum, show to us ur Creativity in Drawing, design or create signature,banner, wallpaper that related to anime, etc; There are few competitions are going on. And you can download / request some anime which is licensed from the forum but not from this Blog XD.

If you are active enough, one day you might join us as one of the staff of the forum. We will wait for you :)

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