Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lovely Complex Kyun Shi ni MUSIC COLLECTION

Title: Lovely Complex Kyun Shi ni MUSIC COLLECTION
Street Release Date: September 19, 2007


01. dry tears
02. Risa
03. delire
04. deep past
06. Honobono
07. Theme of LOVE CON
08. Fuan na Risa
09. Bosa na Risa
10. 18seiki no Bach (Organ Version)
11. 22seiki no Bach
12. Tsubureta Tomato
13. Gakuen Seikatsu (Uptempo)
14. Orchestra na Risa
15. Warudakumi
16. Theme of LOVE CON (Ska Ver.)
17. akane iro
18. complex
19. dry tears (BAND Ver.)
20. Samba na Risa
21. Manzai Combi
22. Theme of LOVE CON (Orgel Ver.)
23. Eki made Dash, Eki kara Dash
24. Ragtime na Lisa
25. world's end ~Chikyuu no hate~ (pf ver.)
26. Mighty no theme
27. Seiko no Theme
28. analyst
29. premier amour
30. analyst (Strings ver.)
31. Kabuki na Risa
32. Theme of LOVE CON (orch.blues.harp.ver.)
33. world's end ~Chikyuu no Hate~
34. Shouganeeze
35. Shouganeeze ~instrumental~

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k7etta said...

oh great!! thank you very much.I couldn't find the lovely complex soundtrack.great job!:-D

Anonymous said...

YESS!!! so good, much thanks
i hope kyo no go no ni have music collection too!!

Secretbear said...

hi!!! can you tell me where i can download these songs?? ^__^

CxNi said...

hey secretbear,

You can click on the dl link "sendspace" the link still working. i'll reupload to megaupload. seems like the link is missing

Secretbear said...

thank you so much! i didn't notice that before. ^__^;;

rky said...

So there is an OST after all ^_^ I've been looking for this..

Thanks so much!!

hey! I see Secretbear!!

Anonymous said...

heyz, i've been searching for this OST for really long!! but i can't seem to download using sendspace.. been trying really long! do you mind sending it to my gmail pls?

thank you soooo much!!!!

Nessaja said...

Thank-you for uploading it to MegaUpload. The torrent was too slow.

SnowCactus said...

the megaupload dont work and the sendspace has a pretty bad transfer rate, but after all thx <3

Lord said...


Megaupload removed it, and Sendspace doesnt work, so could you please upload it at Mediafire? cause I have been looking for this OST since last year...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! Your the best! xD