Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nodame Cantabile ED2 Single - Sagittarius

Title: Nodame Cantabile ED2 Single - Sagittarius
Street Released Date: May 23, 2007


01. Sagittarius
02. Macbeth
03. I'm Waiting for the Man


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Friday, May 25, 2007

Lovely Complex 07

another Interesting Episodes its out... Why Otani didnt hear Lisa told her that she loves her T_T stupid fireworks.... you'll know in this episode... hehe


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 01

Title: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 01
Artist: Tamura Yukari & Mizuki Nana & Ueda Kana & Saitou Chiwa & Nakahara Mai & Inoue Marina
Street Release Date: May 23, 2007


01. Seiou Kyoukai
02. Haken Ninmu no Ikisaki wa?
03. Riin Souchou!?
04. Genchi Touchaku Sono 1
05. Genchi Touchaku Sono 2
06. Ninmu Kaishi!
07. Nanoha-san no...
08. Kissa Midori ya
09. Ichidou Shuugou in Cottage
10. Kazoku no Omoi, Tomodachi no Omoi
11. Subaru to Tiana
12. Sora iro no Yakusoku
13. Souin, Sentou Taisei!
14. Sentou Joukyou 1 Taichou Tachito Yuujin to
15. Sentou Joukyou 2 Erio to Caro
16. Erio to Caro in Rotenburo
17. Hayate no Omoi
18. Hoshi ni Inori wo
19. Mokuhyou Hakken!
20. Ceiling Fate
21. Kikan
22. Mahou no Kotoba
23. Jikai Yokoku

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Review on NHK ni Yokoso!

NHK ni Yokoso...
Ever Since Last year, when the OP theme of an anime called NHK ni Yokoso/ Welcome to the NHK was released. The OP theme, Puzzle by Round Table feat. Nino. I promised myself that i would check out this anime, cause the OP theme is really Great Anyway. xD... & After Many MANY Delays, I've finally got around to watching it, & YES~! NHK ni Yokoso IS A GREAT ANIME~! =)

Info on NHK ni Yokoso from
Title : NHK ni Yokoso!
Japanese Title : NHKにようこそ!
Other Names : Welcome to the NHK
Total Episodes : 24
Genres : Comedy, Psychological, Slice of Life, Ecchi
Year Published : 2006

What NHK ni Yokoso is About...
Satou Tatsuhiro, a 22-year-old college drop-out, has been a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) for 3 Years, now reaching the fourth. does not go out anywhere except convenience stores, and sleeps 16 hours a day.

Then, he comes to a conclusion. His dopping out and having no job are due to a giant evil organization, NHK (Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai), or Japan Social Withdrawal Association.

Suddenly, a beautiful girl Nakahara Misaki appears.

“You are chosen by my project”, saying that, what she hands to him is a contract to support his rehabilitation.

Will Satou get rid of his habit?
Who in the world is Misaki, and what is she aiming at?
Is this a plot of NHK, too?

Characters of NHK ni Yokoso...
Satou Tatsuhiro...
Satou Tatsuhiro, 22 years old, college drop-out, and is a "hikkikomori" & NEET... One day, a girl Misaki tells him that he has been chosen for her project. What is this Project? & HOw will his Life Change From here?

Nakahara Misaki...
Nakahara Misaki, a mysterious yet beautiful girl suddenly comes into Satou's life, telling him that she has chosen him to be in her project. Who is Misaki? & Why Did she Suddenly Appear in Satou's Life?

Yamazaki Kaoru...
Yamazaki Kaoru, Satou's underclassman back in his high school days. Why did he come to Tokyo? & How does Satou's Life change upon meeting Yamazaki?

My Review on the Anime, NHK ni Yokoso...
NHK ni Yokoso. What Words can describe such a Wonderful Anime? It's Wacky Yet Realistic. It Has Lots of Comedy Yet Can be Really Depressing. It's Full of Life & Colours Yet can be Dark & Gloomy as well. It's Definitely not Something one can possibly describe in Just 1 word... x)

To start off the review, the animation is Really Great. The Animation is Usually Pretty & Detailed, Sceneries Are Nice, & Character Designs are nice as well. But there are also sometimes, when the animation is slightly lousier? There were times when the art was simple and not as detailed. Did they do this on Purpose? Or maybe they were too lazy? Whatever the case was, I didn't really mind, cause the Animation was Great when it NEEDEd to be, in whichever situation there was.

The Sounds? Well, the OP theme Puzzle, was the song that captivated me and attracted me to this anime. I'm being bias just cause i Like Round Table feat. Nino. I like their sounds, so i can't help it. Though i didn't really enjoy the First Ending theme. It wasn't really my sorta music, but considering the themes of NHK ni Yokoso, i didn't mind it too much. The 2nd Ending theme was a much nicer sound. =) Mmm, The OSTs were good, & The Seiyuus Did a Really Great Job Too. Though there were times when i find myself getting goosebumps when i hear Satou screaming or crying. I dunno why, it just didn't really sound appropriate? but it didn't really matter too much.

Now the Story? NHK ni Yokoso's Storyline has GOT To be One of the Most Original Storylines around. NHK & the Conspiracies surrounding all the characters in the story. Even though the character's situations were very wacky, and most probably, not really the kind of lives we normal people can relate to. But then, we enter into the lives of these sad people. Why has Satou become a NEET? Why does he have these social problems? What's with all the Other Characters around him as well who seem JUST AS Depressing?! Meeting All sorts of other Characters, Anime Otakus, Erotic Gamers, Multi Level Marketing Business People, More Hikkikomori, & MANY OTHER SORT OF CharaCters that Each & Everyone has Problems?!

Yes, NHK ni Yokoso is a story that revolves around the life of Satou, and the people he interacts with, & we meet more and more people with problems. Money Problems, Love Problems, Personality Problems... It might seem that everyone's lives seem perfect & happy, but through Satou, we are able to venture deeper and see the challenges, burdens and problems that even the seemingly most happiest person in the world faces.

It started off with some Comedy, then gradually becoming Darker & More Depressing, but still retaining a certain balance of comedy & fun while going deeper into its climax. NHK ni Yokoso is also an interesting way to look into the culture of Japan. The entertainment such as the animes, erotic games, cosplays, maid cafes, summer & winter conventions. All Very Interesting... =)

The Characters were probably the main factors why this story turned out really well. =) Like i said, every character had their own unique personalities and problems, & throughout the story, we get to see the problems. & Despite NHK ni Yokoso being a Depressing anime as we venture into the depressing problems that the Japanese Culture face, it turned out to have a satisfying ending. =)

All these psychological problems that we see, though it looks sooo superficial and extreme for most of us normal people, but then, the way the problems and situations are explained, makes NHK ni Yokoso a REally Good anime. We can understand it, & think, Hey, maybe those people aren't too different from us after all? we all have sort of the same problems. =O

Yes. Need I Say More? This Anime has Lots of High Ups of Fun & Comedy, Yet a Lot of Down Lows & Depression & Problems. But with SO Much Contrast & a Good Balance of each side, NHK ni Yokoso turned out to be a REALLY GREAT WATCH & A REAL GEM~!

A DEFINITELY MUST WATCH Anime for those who wants some comedy & also, wants a look into the lives of peoples who have really big problems. There were times when i found myself shedding a tear or two. =O

Flaws? Are there any? mmm, some might probably hate the parts where the animation starts toning down. but don't worry, i can assure you the animation is GREAT when it reaches its climaxes, so the animation won't ruin the mood. =). and perhaps the fanservice? There are lots of ecchi contents in NHK ni Yokoso, so if you're not into the fanservice, you might not be too into those parts.

Although it's a Really Good Anime, I don't recommend this anime to those who can't stand people who have problems and fussing about them most of the time.

With a Great Balance of Comedy, Meanings, Problems, Characters & Twists. Unique & Wacky Yet Believable & Something you can Relate to at the same time. & Despite this anime containing Much Depression & Sadness, I'm Glad that Everything had Worked out in the end. That is Why, NHK ni Yokoso is a MUST WATCH~! =D

Now~ To the Ratings~ =D

My Rating...
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf Star...

Animation: 9
Comment: Great Animation, Nothing to Complain about. =)

Music/Sounds: 9
Comment: Great Music, though i didn't really enjoy the first ED theme.

Story: 10
Comment: Really GREAT Storyline~! Really Great Plot~! With Lots of Ups & Downs. Comedy & Problems. Definitely Interesting. =)

Characters: 10
Comment: The Characters were Really Well Made & Well Planned out. Each Having their problems & Unique Personalities. =)

Tear Factor:
One Tear...One Tear...One Tear...One Tear...Half Tear...
Comment: Is This Really Supposed to be a Shonen Anime? It's Really Touching at Times, & Really Hit me Hard & Deep. I Found myself shedding a couple of tears watching this.

Comedy Factor:
One Laughter...One Laughter...One Laughter...One Laughter...One Laughter...
Comment: GREAT COMEDY~! & Great Balance of it too. =)... I never knew what "Dark Comedy" meant, and if you dunno what it means either, watch this & you'll get a feel of it. =) . Lots of other Happy-Go-Lucky & Funny Events as well. =)

Excitement/Suspense/Surprising Factor:
One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...
Comment: Definitely Not Predictable at all. Lots of Twists in this Storyline. It Always made me Anxious and Wondering what would happen next. Lots of Surprises & Suspense, NHK ni Yokoso Definitely Excels here as Well. =)

Meaningful Factor:
One Meaning...One Meaning...One Meaning...One Meaning...One Meaning...
Comment: Even though 5 is the max i can give, I would give it MORE~! Despite NHK ni Yokoso's wackiness, It is Also Very Realistic at the Same Time. With Realistic & Believable Characters with Personalities you can relate to, You Can 100% Understand their problems & the reasons why They are the Way they ARE.... This is the Best Aspect of NHK ni Yokoso, in my opinion. =)

Click Here to See Legend...

Okay. Just a Few Screenshots from NHK ni Yokoso. =)

Interacting with the other Household Appliances?!

What are these Purple Monkeys? Even until now, I still don't exactly understand the significance or what these purple monkeys are supposed to imply. <_<"""

A Nice Scenery. The Animation can be Really Great. =) & can be really simple and plain at other times.

Purin, the Magical Girl, and the mascot seen throughout NHK ni Yokoso. =)

Till the Next Review,
JoeL Un... x)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Venus Versus Virus Original Soundtrack

Title: Venus Versus Virus Original Soundtrack
Street Release Date: April 25, 2007

1. Awake
2. Bravin' Bad Brew (TV size)
3. Key and Door
4. Ruchia
5. Shoot Virus
6. Heart of Pain
7. Tense
8. Sumire I
9. Scool Life
10. Classmates
11. Repletion Time
12. Innocent Venus
13. Venus Vanguard
14. Full of Interest
15. A Tomboy
16. Tension
17. Malicious
18. Divert I
19. Divert II
20. Temptation to Death
21. Virus Attack I
22. Shut Mind
23. Deep Sorrow
24. An Ominous Presentiment
25. An Anxiety Melody
26. Discord
27. The Dark Invasion
28. Virus Attack II
29. Symptom Awaking
30. Crime of Innocence
31. An Affair
32. Sumire II
33. It Embraces by Love
34. The Mother's Memory
35. Sweet Scent
36. Deceive
37. Death Gaze
38. Obstruct Operation
39. A Wirepuller
40. A Crisis
41. Miss You...
42. The Lost World
43. Shijun no Zankoku (TV size)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lovely Complex 06

Yay... Another Episode of LoveCom from KissSub..
really like this anime... damn funny.. i wonder when i'll get the latest manga. Till now, nobody sub chap 22 onward. wish i can get it soon.. :)


Monday, May 14, 2007

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS ED Single - Hoshizora no Spica

Title: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS ED Single - Hoshizora no Spica
Artist: Tamura Yukari
Street Release Date: May 9, 2007

1. Hoshizora no Spica
2. Sensitive Venus
3. Melody


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Sunday, May 13, 2007

BLEACH ED11 Single - Tsumasaki [Ore Ska Band].

Album:BLEACH ED11 Single - Tsumasaki
Artist: Ore Ska Band

01. Tsumasaki
02. Pinocchio (LIVE @ Sakai Shimin Kaikan)


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lovely Complex 05

Wuih.... KissSub released another episode of LoveCom..
myself havent watched it. still in the office hehehe...
Enjoy it :)


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lovely Complex 04

Wow.. Damn Fast.. Yesterday KissSub already release ep4 of LoveCom...hehe Enjoy:)


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lovely Complex 03

Yay... really fast.. another ep of LoveCom from KissSub :)


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lovely Complex 02

Yay.... KissSub has released ep 02 for LoveCom. i know its abit late compare to another fansub. However, i like the way thats they translate. :)