Monday, December 25, 2006

DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack I

Title: Death Note Original Soundtrack
Street Release: Dec 21, 2006
01. Death note
02. Jiken
03. Light's Theme
04. L's Theme
05. Kinchou
06. Senritsu
07. Kodoku
08. Tomonari
09. Kitai
10. Tokusou Kira han
11. L's Theme B
12. Shunjun
13. Tsuiseki
14. L no Nakama
15. Tokusou
16. Shinigami kai
17. Taikutsu
18. Rem
19. Death note Theme
20. Kyrie
21. Domine Kira
22. Teloelogy of death
23. Low of Solipsism
24. Requiem
25. Immanence
26. Dirge
27. Light Lights up light
28. Alert
29. the WORLD (Tv Size)
30. Alumina (Tv size)
Click here to download (updated on 1st April 07)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection

Title: Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection
Street Released Date: December 26, 2006


02. tsubasa
03. Loop
04. Tsuki no Shijima
05. Kaze no Machi he
06. Zankou
07. Kizuna
08. IT'S
09. dream scape
10. ring your song
11. smile
12. you are my love
13. Tabi no Tochuu de Kibou no Uta wo Utaou
14. Kazemachi Jet


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Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Anime

I just updated Winter Anime List 2006/07...
I havent picked any anime from this list that i'll upload it on youtube. I need recommendation fro you guys... which anime on this list that you think worth or nice to watch....

Bokura ga Ita 23

another episode of Bokura ga Ita..


Yesterday, i just watched Episode 25 of bokura ga ita. its really sad.... u guys should watch it... almost cry... >_<
no spoiler....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Review on Midori no Hibi (Manga)

Cover of Midori no Hibi, Manga Volume No. 1...
The Cover of the Manga, Midori no Hibi Volume 1...

Info on Midori no Hibi Manga on
Other Names : Midori Days
Total Volumes : 8
Total Chapters :85
Year Published : 2003
Author : Inoue Kazuro
Publisher : Shogakkan

Sawamura Seiji, Second year student at Sakuradamon High School, known as "the Devil's Right Hand" & "Mad Dog". The strongest Fighter around, he is feared by Everyone. He has always wanted a girlfriend, but he has been rejected 20 times in a row because of his Reputation. One Day, a girl called Midori Suddenly appears on his Right hand and Confesses to him, as a "Right Hand Lover". Now How will Seiji's Life turn Out? Will Midori stay on his Right Hand Forever???

Cast of Midori no Hibi Characters...
The Cast of All the Midori no Hibi Characters. There are many characters. So I won't explain em'...

My Review on Midori no Hibi Manga...
Okay, So I think the idea & Storyline of Midori no Hibi was quite Unique & Different. Though i think Seiji (the main character) and Ichigo from Bleach Look almost alike... <_<

My Rating:
Art & Design: 7
Comment: The art is pretty Decent. Nothing extremely pretty or detailed... but decent.

Story: 9
Comment: Unique Storyline with LOTS of Comedy and Some Emotions... a 9!

Characters: 9.5
Comment: don't have to repeat myself... 9.5 for the Great Effort in Explaining the characters to great detail... =)

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarNo Star...

Tear Factor:
One Tear...One Tear...One Tear...
Comment: It is meant to be a Shonen Manga & Meant to be Funny. But it has Some Good Emotions. So I think 3 Tears fit it...

Comedy Factor:
One Laughter...One Laughter...One Laughter...One Laughter...Half Laughter...
Comment: Very Funny Comedy & Very Hillarious. I ReaLLY Laughed a Lot when I read this Manga... xD

Excitement/Suspense/Surprising Factor:
One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...
Comment: There are a LOT OF SURPRISES in this Manga & ExTrEmELy Funny, Hillarious & the Outcomes are Unpredictable. 4 Thunders. x)

Meaningful Factor:
One Meaning...One Meaning...
Comment: Not Really Made to have a Lot of Meaning to it, But a lot of Outrageous Comedy...xD But I gave it 2 Meaning Points cause it has some Points about being in Love... <_<

Click Here to See Legend...

So Be Sure to Read it, Midori no Hibi is Definitely Worth your Time...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Death Note OP ED Single

Title: Death Note OP ED Single - the WORLD
Artist: Nightmare
Street Release Date: October 18, 2006



1. the WORLD
2. Alumina


click the link for download
unfortunately the soundtrack from the anime isnt released yet sorry T_T

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na Crescent Love OP & ED Single

Title: Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na Crescent Love OP Single - Prelue -We are not alone-
Artist: Ootou Fumi
Street Release Date: November 8, 2006
1. Prelude -We are not alone-
2. Prelude -We are not alone- symphonic version
3. Prelude -We are not alone- chorus version
4. Prelude -We are not alone- piano version
5. Prelude -We are not alone- instrumental

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Title: Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na Crescent Love ED Single - Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~
Artist: Nabatame Hitomi
Street Release Date: November 22, 2006
1. Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~
2. Ima wo Dakishimete
3. Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~ (Karaoke)
4. Ima wo Dakishimete (Karaoke)

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ghost Hunt Episodes

Ghost Hunt

Alternative title: ゴーストハント (Japanese)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural

Official Site:

Total Episodes: Not known

Description: Telling ghost stories is a favorite past time of Mai Taniyama and her friends--that is, until she meets 17 year-old Kazuya Shibuya, the man sent by Shibuya Psychic Research Center to investigate paranormal activity at a supposedly haunted school. When Mai gets caught in a dangerous situation, she is rescued by Kazuya's assistant. Saving her lands the assistant incapacitated, and Kazuya demands that Mai become his assistant, instead...

Note: Click above to activate the playlist

.:Saiunkoku Monogatari:.

Alternative title:
*Story of the Land of Many-Colored Clouds
*Tale of Saiunkoku
*The Tale of Saiun Country
*彩雲国物語 (Japanese)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
Official Site:
Total Episode: 39

Description: "Saiunkoku is a world of eight provinces or houses, each named after a different colour. The new Emperor, Shi Ryuuki, has gained for a reputation for being uninterested in courtly matters and for flaunting his love for men. Shuurei, although born of the important Kou family, has difficulty making ends meet. She easily accepts an invitation to be the Emperor's concubine in order to turn him into a good ruler. The mysterious Seiran, a young man who was adopted by her father, goes with her as Ryuuki's bodyguard. Entering the imperial palace revives Shuurei's dream of being a court official, and, together with the many companions she meets along the way, continues moving bravely forward while trying to fend off the Emperor's advances." quoted from ANN

Opening Theme:
"Hajimari no kaze" by Ayaka Hirahara

Ending Theme:
"Saikou no Kataomoi" by Sachi Tainaka

Fansubs: ShadowDreams

File Type: .avi
Download Link:

Story 1 (eps 1-7)
Episode 1. There's A Different Side To Every Good Story
Episode 2. The Frog In The Well Knows Not The Great Ocean
Episode 3. The Hawk With Talent Hides Its Talons
Episode 4. Casting Pearls Before A Swine
Episode 5. A Genius Can't Be A Genius Without Effort
Episode 6. Lacking The Finishing Touch
Episode 7. Those That Swim Well Drown

Story 2 (eps 8-10)
Episode 8. Wanting To Borrow A Cat's Paws
Episode 9. A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step
Episode 10. Fine Weather Comes To Those Who Wait

Side Story 1 (ep 11)
Episode 11. There Is No Cure For Lovesickness

Side Story 2 (eps 12 & 13)
Episode 12. Discretion Is The Better Part of Valour
Episode 13. From A Gourd Comes A Horse

Story 3 (eps 14-19)
Episode 14. On A Rock For Three Years
Episode 15. Children Know Not Their Parents' Hearts
Episode 16. There Are No Demons In This World
Episode 17. Poking A Bush Draws Out A Snake
Episode 18. Don't Cover Your Head And Leave Your Bottom Exposed
Episode 19. If You Love Your Child, Let Them Go On A Journey

Story 4 (eps 20-27)
Episode 20. Flowers Blooming From Dead Wood
Episode 21. The Wise Know When to Approach Danger
Episode 22. Where There is Life, There is Hope
Episode 23. It's the Company that Makes Travel Unpleasant
Episode 24. Water on a Sleeping Ear
Episode 25. An Accidental Resemblance
Episode 26. The Raven of Darkness
Episode 27. The Prettier The Flower, The Higher The Branch

Story 5 (eps 28-)
Episode 28. Worry Gives Small Things Large Shadows
Episode 29. Many Years' Worth of Thoughts in a Single Day
Episode 30. Women Are Brave
Episode 31. A Diamond in The Rough
Episode 32. A Woman's Word is Her Bond
Episode 33. Water Can't Be Returned to the Basin
Episode 34. Poison Gets the Better of Poison
Episode 35. Meeting Is the Beginning of Parting
Episode 36.
Episode 37. Tears Fall Like Rain From Heaven
Episode 38.
Episode 39.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bokura ga Ita 22

Today, Triad just released Ep22 :)


Abit late to upload this though hehehe

Air Gear Original Soundtrack- WHAT A GROOVY TRICK!

Title: Air Gear Original Soundtrack
Street Release Date: August 23, 2006

1. Chain (TV size)
14. PUT 2 MUCH
17. 2 BLIND 2 SEE
21. BUSY? or DIZZY?
27. BETRAYAL 303
31. Mr.SHINE
34. SKY-2-HIGH

Download Links

P.S: wishing for the second season T_T, first post in the beta blogger lol
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bokura ga Ita OPs & EDs

Opening Theme:
"Only You... (君だけを…)" by Mi

Ending Theme:
#1: "Aishiteru (アイシテル)" by Mi (eps 1, 8, 10)
#2: "Koko ni ite (ここにいて)" by Kaori Asou (eps 2, 5, 24)
#3: "Sunset (サンセット)" by Mi (eps 3,18)
#4: "Suki dakara (好きだから)" by Izumi Katou (eps 4, 6)
#5: "Futari no Kisetsu ga (ふたりの季節が)" by Nozomi Sasaki (eps 7, 9, 11, 13)
#6: "Utsukushisugite (美しすぎて)" by Izumi Katou (ep 12)
#7: "Kimi ga iru (キミがいる)" by Izumi Katou (ep 14)
#8: "Merry Go Round (メリーコーラウンド)" by Nozomi Sasaki (eps 15-16, 19, 22)
#9: "Kotoba" by Izumi Katou (eps 17, 20-21, 23, 25-26)

Review on Full Moon wo Sagashite

So I guess I should Start Contributing, so I here is my Review on Full Moon wo Sagashite... I shall post up my reviews from time to time... x)

Full Moon wo Sagashite Logo...

Info of Full Moon wo Sagashite from
Other Names : Searching for the Full Moon
Total Episodes : 52 + 1 OVA
Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Music
Year Published : 2002
Studio : Studio Deen

Description of Full Moon wo Sagashite from
Full Moon wo Sagashite is based on the manga by Tanemura Arina. The story focuses on 12-year old Mitsuki who loves to sing and wants to become a singer. However, she has a tumour in her throat, which might only be cured at the cost of her voice.

One day, two Shinigamis (Death Gods from Japanese mythology), Takuto and Meroko, appear before her with news that she has only one year to live.

In order to realise her dream of becoming a singer, she prevails upon Takuto to transform her into a 16-year old girl and took part in a singing audition. Of course, she passes the audition and starts her singing career, but can she realise all her goals in the time she has left?

My Review on the Anime, Full Moon wo Sagashite...
Full Moon wo Sagashite was in the Top 5 of the Top 200 List of Animes in, standing beside Samurai X:Trust & Betrayal, Full Metal Alchemist, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, & Elfen Lied. Seeing Full Moon wo Sagshite was #4, I Had to Try it out, How Good Could it be? Was it Overated? Or Could it be Really That GOOD???

Full Moon wo Sagashite was produced in 2002, so the graphics & animation isn't as good as the ones now, BUT Don't Let that Get you. Cause the animation isn't bad either & is Good Enough to bring out the Emotions of this Anime. This anime also has 52 episodes, which i think they did it on purpose to show the 52 weeks in a Year Mitsuki has left to live. This Anime revolves around the Genre of Music, it is Quite a Happy-Go-Lucky Anime at first, but yet it grows into a very Dramatic & Emotional anime.

I SERIOUSLY LOVE This Anime for A Number of Reasons...
1) This anime is about Music, So it has Quite a Lot of Great Songs... =)

2) This anime has a Lot of Characters, *which can be a bad thing if the characters are stupid or don have enough time to develop...etc.* BUT Full Moon wo Sagashite Took the Initiative to Look at the Main Characters & EVEN Most of the Supporting Characters. How do I explain this... We know that Every character has Qualities & Flaws, and not many animes can bring the Characters out very well, as in show their true colours. But This Anime Did MORE Than i expected, They Even Did SOO MUCH in Showing Every Character has a Good Side & a Bad Side, EVEN the Supporting Characters. Because animes usually just show the development of the main characters, but Full Moon wo Sagashite BROUGHT Out the Main Characters VERY NICELy, & EVen the SUPPORTING CHARACTERs AS Well... Even the Bad Guys Had a GOOD Side as Well... (O_O)

3) Another point of this anime that I Loved was:
This ANIME IS EXTREMELY TOUCHING!!! The Story Moves Slowly at first with Lots of Fillers and quite childish But Each Episode showed Character Development in the Main & Supporting Characters. Throughout the Adventures the Trio face, & the people the Trio Meet, Little by Little, Episode by Episode, The Story Pace was Moving Faster & Faster, I Subconsciously Come to Understand their Feelings, I have Grown Attached to them without realising & i felt like I Know Everything about the Trio (Mitsuki, Takuto & Meroko), the Happy-go-Lucky & Fun Times, even the Happiness & Pain they feel. Thus, by the time i reached the Climax, where Everything was Extremely Unfortunate & Mitsuki's Life was Going Down, It was EXTREMELY SAD!!! I just couldn't control it, Tears kept Coming Out...

Also, 4) we all know Dramas are Quite cliche and predictable. But I Seriously Couldn't predict what would have happened in this Anime. Full Moon wo Sagashite had a VerY MUCH Differeent Ending than the One i Expected, Thought or Hoped For...

The only slight flaw of this anime could be the Overuse of the Songs & a LoT of Fillers. If you Can't Stand Fillers, You'd probably give up watching FMwS before you even reach Episode 10. & The Not so Nice Animation of the Anime, But STILL... WHAT THE HECK??? THIS ANIME IS SOOO GOOD & EXTREMELY TOUCHING!!! The Animation Won't REally MATTER!!!

Overall, This Anime has Great Music, though overused, & a Lot of Fillers. But WHO CareS? FuLL Moon wo Sagashite is a GREAT Anime, JUST WATCH THE WHOLE 52 EPISODES & By the Time You Reach the Climax, The Feeling from being Touched To the Heart & Crying SoOoO Much is a ReaLLy StreSS-Relieving & Wonderful Feeling...

Animation: 7/10
Comment: Not the Best Animation, But it's Good Enough to get the Emotions Through. The Character Designs were Cute too... =)

Music/Sounds: 10/10
Comment: GeeZ!!! This Anime is About Music!!! So Definitely the Music RockS!!! The Seiyuus are Great too!!!

Story: 10/10
Comment: Well, the Storyline is Quite Good. & It Starts off with Life of being an Idol. Then it Starts reaching the Climax & That's where the Story RockS MosT!!!

Characters: 10/10
Comment: There are a Lot of Character Development. Especially Seen in the 3 main Characters, Mitsuki, Takuto & Meroko. The Characters *even the supporting ones* all Showed they had Qualities & Flaws... & they were Unique in their own Way... =)

My Rating:
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Comment: It SERIOUSLY DeSERVES IT!!! I rated it by How Much it Touched me... & it Touched me 10/10...

Tear Factor:
One Tear...One Tear...One Tear...One Tear...One Tear...
Comment: Need I Say More? It's CLEARLY DraMaTiC, Emotional & TOuching to THE MAX~!

Comedy Factor:
One Laughter...One Laughter...Half Laughter...
Comment: Not really a lot of Comedy, but there are those Light-Hearted Adventures which brings some childish comedy. But nothing Extremely Funny either...<_<

Excitement/Suspense/Surprising Factor:
One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...One Excitement...
Comment: Unpredictable indeed. I couldn't Predict what was gonna happen in the Climax, what the Character's Next Actions will be, Not Even how the Ending will Turn Out?! Really Surprising for Me... =) Not the Cliche Dramas u see around... ;)

Meaningful Factor:
One Meaning...One Meaning...One Meaning...One Meaning...Half Meaning...
Comment: Meaningful, Definitely. It shows us how much Impact some Events can have in our Lives. To the Extent where we would give up Our Talents? Hopes? Dreams? Even LIVES??? With a Lot of Emotions & Relevance to Real Life, Full Moon wo Sagashite Excels in this Factor as Well... =)


Click Here to See Legend...

Screen Shots...
Here are some Screen Shots I Took... =) I dl-ed AFK Fansubs this time, The same Fansubs that Subbed The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi... O(^-^)O
Screen Shot from Full Moon wo Sagashite...
A Scene from the First Episode...

Screen Shot from Full Moon wo Sagashite...
A Flashback of Mitsuki and her Sweetheart, Sakurai Eichi-kun... *Rabu-Rabu*

Screen Shot from Full Moon wo Sagashite...
"Do You... Wanna Steal my BF???" Meroko says.. LoL...

Screen Shot from Full Moon wo Sagashite...
Here is a Screenshot of the Trio. Takuto, the Cat, Meroko, the Rabbit, & Mitsuki, the Singer... This Trio have a Really Close Tight Bond with Each Other... ;)

Screen Shot from Full Moon wo Sagashite...
A Screenshot from the Last Episode, WHO IS THIS GIRL ANYWAY??? How is She Related to the Characters Anyway???

Screen Shot from Full Moon wo Sagashite...
& Lastly, a Screenshot of the 4th Ending Theme... ;) So SwEET!!! Well, when u reach that ending theme, then u'll know, But i think the Ending Theme was Really Sweet, Showing the Bond between them... =)

Full Moon wo Sagashite is BEST For People who love touching shojo drama animes. If you're a guy or someone who hates girly emo stuff, and only likes action, u probably wouldn't enjoy this anime as MUCH as I did. But then again, who knows if it could melt your stone-cold hearts?

Till my Next Review,
JoeL Un... =)