Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Latest Anime Forum

These Few days, I'm quite busy with This anime forum. Since Clark gave me the Admin Right, So I'll do my best to change it, to make it better than current.
so, On 11st Nov 2006, i'll do major revamp for that forum.

what I have done??
- New forum rules
- New Threads
- Moderator Guidlines
- New Ranks n Rank Images

What I haven't done??
- New Banner (may be if ur good in create banner, i think i need ur help)
- Small Banner for affiliation
- Choose the Moderators for that forum that really know his/her duties

i think after do some major revamp, alot of users will lost their posts.. coz from beginning what they have done, was just spam the forum. that's not what we want actually.

If you think you can be a good moderator for an anime forum. Please send ur email to

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