Saturday, November 18, 2006

.:Kyo no Go no Ni (OVA):.

Alternative title:
* Today In Class 5-2
* 今日の5の2 (Japanese)
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, School Life
Official Site:
Total Episodes: 4

"The main character is Satou Ryouta, an elementary school student who belongs to Class 5-2. Everyday, his life is filled with excitement with his childhood friend, Koizumi Chika and his other friends. However, in this class, these elementary schoolers are different from your normal ones!

There's the "childhood friend" who's always quite daring when she goes on the attack of Ryouta, the "glasses chick" whose especially known for her long hair, the natural airhead who describes herself using a masculine pronoun, the mysterious "cool beauty" who still has her baby teeth, and the pure-hearted girl who's a gossip but quite worried about her breast size. Every girl has a little moe to her and occassionally shows their suspicious and mysterious adult charm. Amongst them all are a group of boys who get stuck in surprising events who have to deal with them seriously and straight-on while also being controlled by their passions. This is a crazy, secondary sex characteristic anime that can be a little perverted at times, but at other times, insanely perverted." quoted from Triad Fansub

Opening Theme:
"Baby Love" by Mai Kadowaki, Mamiko Noto & Mikako Takahashi
Ending Theme:
"Yakusoku" by by Mai Kadowaki, Mamiko Noto & Mikako Takahashi

Fansub: Triad

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Episode 1:

Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:

Credit goes to silent_weasal who help me to reupload all the file :)


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I really like the insert songs for kyo no go no ni. But I can't seem to find it or they didn't make one. IF you can compile one, I really appreciate. THANKS

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