Sunday, November 12, 2006

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichu

Alternative title:
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi (Japanese)
"History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi"
Kenichi El Discipulo Mas Fuerte De La Historia (Spanish)

Genres: Comedy, Shounen

Episode titles:??
Vintage: 2006-10-07

Opening Theme:
"Be Strong" by Kana Yazumi
Ending Theme:
"Kimi ga iru kara" by Issei Eguchi

Shirahama Kenichi is awalys bullied by the classmates. One day, he sets out his mind to become strong, following an advice of a beautiful girl, Furinji Miu, he goes to a martial arts school. However, it was a tremendously hard school where the strongest martial arts masters teach...

[Source: Animenfo]

its my very 1st tym im writing a blog and im so clueless on what to write here so i write about the new series i've uploaded. i dont mind if the webmaster remove this since i have no expectations on it. when i wanted to know about this on i look at the picture there and wow. thought that this would be funny since there's a girl with a large breast and later on the main character might to something pervert to her....this is more like tenju tenge and ikkitousen but unfortunately the main character Kenichi is very weak and coward at the beginning of the episode but as the episode goes on he gets stronger. i expect this to be an ecchi series because from my point of view, having ecchi means there's a funny scene going on XD

Episode 1
Episode 2


CxNi said...

Good Job Paolo. At least you have contribute sth to this anime blog.
as long as its anime related topic. i wont remove it :)

btw, i hvnt watched that series yet...someone told me, its nice anime. I think i hv to find one day to watch this anime :)

Thanks for Intro this Anime :)

de4d said...

i like 1st episode so far nice starting wish to see episode 2 soon can't wait as always : )

Chris aka guyverix said...

Are you going to be posting it over at CR as well?

killmyrene said...

to chris aka guyverix
sori for the long reply but i guess ill try to upload it at CR

Chris aka guyverix said...

That would be great.. I am still busy with Hanaukyo Maid, but once I finish UL that one over at CR, I will sure like to relax and check out this series.

Anonymous said...

i very love the song: Kimi ga iru kara" by Issei Eguchi
anyone can help me the name's song in language japanese (i can't find this song by english name)

CxNi said...

i cant get what u mean?
You wan to download this song "Kimi ga iru kara" by Issei Eguchi" ??

Anonymous said...

yes ,sorry i dont good at in english, may you help me where i can get this song
anyone love this anime ,you should read manga, it is very funny than anime (you can see more in this website : )

Anonymous said...

final i have got this song ,anyone like can download from this web site (you can download Over 4,000 anime music mp3 files ,a nice web)

Free PSP Wallpapers said...

yeah gendou is great site, but too bad we must disable IDM first..