Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Personal Msg for My Youtube's Friends and Subscribers

After Lost my Youtube account TWICE (lost ard 950+ vids) and I’m back w/ my 3rd Account LoLz... But this time ALL my Vids are PRIVATE.

So as long as u r in my friend list then u can view my PV. Actually, I have lost my interesting w/ Youtube already. I’m Back again to upload vids, just wanna fulfill some demand of my loyalty friends n subscribers who always support me n managed to find my 3rd account and add me back without my bulletin. I’m really happy w/ that. So Thanks for always supporting me :)

Btw, you guys who are in my friend list sure have notice that, u guys didn’t receive any bulletin from me about Anime Episode that I’ve uploaded. However, just check your Received Video Folder or try to go to my Playlist and look for it :)

Anyway, I just hope you guys don’t mind that I’m flooding your received video folder. Thank you again for always supporting me and hope you guys can enjoy whatever anime episodes that I have uploaded.


Anonymous said...

hi!! i come from youtube.. visited my blog! www.andyman85.blogspot.com :)
my nick on youtube is andyman85

Chris (guyverix) said...

Flood me! Go ahead! I dare you... I double dare you! grin!

CxNi said...


Anonymous said...

hi could u please give your new acc. user? i'd really like to view the videos you have uploaded and before i could add you as a 'Friend' your prev acc.s got suspended..

CxNi said...

my 3rd account username is CxNi2 :)

Anonymous said...

thanks very much ^^