Friday, October 27, 2006


Seems like i really want to give up on youtube.
i think i'll move to this site to upload <-- upload eng subs anime (but it takes long time to upload n go Live, see i can stay long at there o not hahahha

but <-- this website not bad... currently will upload chinese subs anime at there...

If you have account at any of this site or both. please feel free to add me back :)
Username still the same n always "CxNi" :-)

However, If i change my mind. i think i also will upload on utube again... but None of them will be public, all video will set to private so better add me as friend rather than subscribe my video, coz u wont see anything hahahaha


Jasmine said...

haha, i oso give up on youtube
quite some time ago
even promo vids they block -_-

anyway, u can try if u wan

shao~ said...

hey ~ i would lyk to noe which site u will be uploading so i can view more of ur vids ^^

anne said...

I hope you move to crunchyroll-I just joined there, and I hope to see your videos again! (I was one of your subscribers on YouTube)

Anonymous said...


I was one of your YouTube Stalkers...

So I will suport you!!

Crunchy Roll makes you pay...


CxNi said...

some way i dont really like crunchyroll. coz they dont allowed duplicate anime. so mean only 1 anime episode at there. lets say u dont know abt that, u already took 2-3 hrs to upload it. n wait for 1-2 days to get it to live suddently it told u, the file is duplcated.. sigh. so dissapointed..

*hint* be my friends on youtube again, dun be my subscriber :)