Friday, October 27, 2006

Do some testing with

I did sign up at last week. before my youtube second account get suspended. then yesterday i tried to upload 2 anime. at there you can upload full episode without split it they give u 300MB size limit. but it takes abt 2-3 hours to upload it, which is very longgggggg... and i managed to upload 2 episodes at there which is i used to test this site.
but till today. the status still "uploaded" its same as "in processing" on youtube..

dunno when can it goes Live, if its youtube sure i'll reupload it again.. till it goes live. coz it takes short time, ard 10mins or less. but i dun wan to reupload at crunchyroll coz it takes 2-3 hrs. nah. now i hv uploaded 2 eps anime(TRC 47 n Bokura ga ita 16) at there. i'll wait till tomorrow, if still not go live, mean this site also suck hhahahaa


Chris said...

Just wanted to let you know about crunchyroll, while they have batches that run to do the re-encoding, most of the other parts are done by hand. It does take a couple of days for things to be posted. I believe that Shinji still has the primary servers in his room, and the content is elsewhere, so I dont know that it will ever be really fast. Also you can check for your queue status.

CxNi said...

Thanks for your information..
yeah now i can say i understand abit abt that site. so far so good... hehe
few anime ep of mine already go live :-)

Chris said...

Only bummer about the site is if someone is unfimiliar with a show.. Tokko has been put in Tokyo Mew Mew... Talk about WAY off!! hehee... Now they have to go through by hand and fix it...