Thursday, January 04, 2007

.:Winter Garden:.

Alternative title:
ウィンターガーデン (Japanese)
Genres: Drama, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Offical Site:
Total Episodes: 2

Description: "This is sweet and biter love story of Dejiko who are grown up. The story begins on the Christmas day. Dejiko or Di Gi Carat is working part-time at a bakery shop. On her way from the shop, she happens to meet a young guy, Senba Taokuo at a park. Then, she meets him again in a town. While Dejiko begins to care for Tako and she’s looking forward meet him again, Takuo drops in at her shop.... Whether will she succeed in love?" quoted from

Opening Theme:
"Forget-me-not" by Hiromi Satou
Ending Theme:
"Winter Garden" by Asami Sanada

Fansubs: Doremi-Spork
File Type: .avi

Download Link:

Episode 1: (updated on 7th April 07)
Episode 2: (updated on 7th April 07)

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