Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection

Title: Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection
Street Released Date: December 26, 2006


02. tsubasa
03. Loop
04. Tsuki no Shijima
05. Kaze no Machi he
06. Zankou
07. Kizuna
08. IT'S
09. dream scape
10. ring your song
11. smile
12. you are my love
13. Tabi no Tochuu de Kibou no Uta wo Utaou
14. Kazemachi Jet


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Eiri Saiyuki said...

Thanks for this!! I was looking for it and I couldn't find it


xJaNx said...

I can't seem to download it. Help?

CxNi said...

@xJanx: What is ur Problem? i just tired to click on the link. its still working..

Anonymous said...

@CxNi: When you have time, do you mind to upload this one again? The link is expired. This is the only one missing from my collection. Thank you for your consideration


CxNi said...

hey Gigi,

I'll try to reupload it again:)

Anonymous said...

Happy GiGi wanted to say Thank You to the Angel named CxNi. :) Sorry for multiple posts. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this but the link is expired. Would you please upload it again?

CxNi said...

Hey Lilian..
The link is updated...
sorry for the late reply

Anonymous said...

Thanks! A good review of this (that sent me looking for it) is here