Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack II

Title: DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack II
Street Release Date: March 21, 2007

1. Kyrie II
2. Semblance of Dualism
3. Low of Solipsism II
4. Death Note Theme ~instrumental~
5. Tactics of the Absolute
6. Kyrie for orchestra
7. Air
8. Light Lights up Light for piano
9. Kuroi Light
10. L no Kabe
11. Kodou
12. Fuan
13. Kinchou Kan
14. Kakou
15. Senritsu B
16. Yotsuba Koroshi no Kaigi Shitsu
17. Ikari18. Shinigami Kai B
19. L no Nakama
20. Misa no Theme A
21. Misa no Theme B
22. Intro
23. Sakura
24. Suiri
25. Ayashige
26. Yotsuba Group
27. Himitsu
28. Tokei no Hari no Oto
29. What's up, people?! ~TV Size~
30. Zetsubou Billy ~TV Size~
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Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm not trying to be picky but could you reuplad this as it is not available anymore. thankyou.

CxNi said...

hi there,
i'll try to find the file back and reupload it. please give me sometime. im kinda busy with my work. T_T