Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bokura ga Ita OP & EDs Collection

after compile all the OP n EDs of Bokura ga Ita
here is the result

OP & EDs of Bokura ga Ita
Opening Theme:
"Only You..." by Mi

Ending Theme:
#1: "Aishiteru" by Mi
#2: "Koko ni ite" by Kaori Asou
#3: "Sunset" by Mi
#4: "Suki dakara" by Izumi Katou
#5: "Futari no Kisetsu ga" by Nozomi Sasaki
#6: "Utsukushisugite" by Izumi Katou (TV version)
#7: "Kimi ga iru" by Izumi Katou
#8: "Merry Go Round" by Nozomi Sasaki (TV version)
#9: "Kotoba" by Izumi Katou

Insert Song - (ep 16):
"Blue sky" by Izumi Katou (TV version)

Download Links:
Sendspace Megaupload


Isabel said...


I was wondering if you could upload again this files or send it to me... plz!!... I'll really apreciate it!! ^^

CxNi said...

Actually the Megaupload Link still active you can download from there. and i'll reupload on sendspace.

danielm said...

would you happen to have the insert song from episode 10 thats playing while yamamoto is remembering yano from the past?

CxNi said...

I don't think i can r/ber what is the song like... hehe
if you know about the title, im willing try to get it for u :)

sol said...

I've been searching for this OST for a while, and finally found it! ^^

Thanks alots for sharing!!

btw, the sendspace link was dead, but the megaupload one was still active. ^^