Friday, September 08, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle OST ~ Future Soundscape I

Title: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNICLE Future Soundscape I
Release Date: July 06, 2005
01 - ship of fools
02 - BLAZE (TV size)
03 - believe
04 - black sword
05 - strange games
06 - break the sword of justice
07 - you are my love
08 - dewdrops
09 - tsubasa
10 - a tiny sunshine
11 - through the gate
12 - hear our prayer
13 - I talk to the rain
14 - ruthless
15 - guess how much I love you
16 - morning moon
17 - witch
18 - a song of storm and fire
19 - best years in our lives
20 - Loop (TV size)

Download Link

Sendspace Megaupload


Anonymous said...

this is the one that i unable to download~T.T

CxNi said...

Download link is updated ...

Anonymous said...

Aw this brilliant thankyou! I love the music of Tsubasa!

hafsah said...

thanks for sharing all the soundtracks

so far the one titled Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection is the only one which link is unavailable..

I've downloaded future soundscape II.and am currently downloading the first one.i haven't yet tried the III and IV ones..i let you know afterward if the link works-

once again thanks lots..arigatou!!

CxNi said...

hi hafsah,

Thank you for telling me about the broken link. But jz to let you know the Megaupload Link is still working. i'll just reupload it to sendspace :)

hafsah said...

ok...I've finally finished downloading...

good news all your links work (hooray!)that is all the sendspace links..

oh one more thing..i have problems with megaupload, thats why i didn't bother to check if its link worked..-sorry about that i should have been more specific

thanks in advance for reuploading it to sendspace cxni

-by the way i'm starting to love your site..good thing i came across it yesterday :) -

"-Caroline said...

i just came across this website not long ago (in fact it's only a few minutes ago)
anyway, i was told that the sendspce link doesn't exist >_<
and somehow, megaupload seems to always find problems with my computer, so i'm unable to download.

really hope you could re-upload the sendspace link!
thanks plenty!

CxNi said...

Hi Caroline, I have reupload it @ sendspace. Hope you can dl it :D