Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack - Future Soundscape IV

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Enjoy :)
Title: Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack - Future Soundscape IV
Street Release Date: September 21, 2006
1. once upon a time there was you and me
2. aikoi
3. my dear feather
4. merrymaking
5. little one, so sweet
6. you shall overcome
7. prove yourself
8. let go
9. rainbow
10. broken sword of justice
11. darkness comes
12. dawn
13. uninvited guest
14. requiem for the evil
15. longingly
16. run for your life
17. optimistic
18. a whip and a witch
19. crying alone
20. ring your song


Matix said...

Hi! I'm not DLing this one, but for some reason I can't get the comments on YouTube to work and I really felt the need to thank you for always posting the BGI episodes. So thank you!

CxNi said...

ehm... cant comment??
did u go to my Youtube there, and open the video at there u sure can leave ur comment one as long as ur youtube member. its werid dat u cant.. anyways, Thanx :)

Matix said...

Yeah, it keeps asking me to do the email conformation thing whenever I try to post, even though I've already done it.

Shisha said...

Snagging this one and Trinity Blood. I'll definetly be coming back to see what else you have in the future. Thanks a bunch! :)

CxNi said...

You're Welcome :)

Anonymous said...

i was wondering does anyone know where to get the inserted song from episode 50 nearing the end of that episode ?