Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Asking for Password for Opening the Archived Zip Files ???

Recently, I received one PM from a user in a forum, asking whether there is any password to open the Archived Zip Files that I have uploaded. That’s make me confuse, because I didn’t set any password protected to the entire file that I have uploaded. This is the first time I heard that. And I did check and extract the zip file that I have uploaded and I can easily extract the file without any password.

However, Today I just downloaded an album of anime song when I tried to extract the file, it asked for the password. I was so confuse. Of course I went to check for the solution. And I found it. The solution for this problem is

“Windows users may receive this false positive if thefilename is long. Try renaming the filename to something shorter (eg. and putting it in theroot of a drive (eg. C:\), then try extracting the file again”

Hope this information is helpful for you guys. :)

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