Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Singapore Anime Licensor Pursues Illegal Downloaders

Quoted from ANN.com
Singapore Anime Licensor Pursues Illegal Downloaders
Parents of alleged
anime downloaders asked to meet with company, face fines


Odex, one of Singapore's leading distributors of Japanese animation, has
begun sending warning letters to parents of users who allegedly downloaded anime
without authorization. Odex has been asking parents to discuss their children's
behavior with its representatives, and in at least some cases, pay fines of as
much as 3,000 Singapore dollars (about US$2,000). Odex's lawyers meet with each
person who receives a letter, and decide on the scope and extent of any
penalties. Under Singapore law, "willful and significant" downloading of illegal
content is a crime punishable by a fine of up to 20,000 Singapore dollars
(US$13,000) or up to six months in prison. Some of the anime Odex has licensed
include Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, D.Gray-man, and Monster.

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What do you think about this News??...
Till now, im still not dare to download anime, i only watch anime online :(


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will be cheaper if we purchase the series then.:(. Do you watch online anime series on Veoh? GiGi

CxNi said...

the CDs n DVDs produced by Odex is a low quality. thats why i dont want to purchase.

nope. i didnt watch from veoh, but i watch from crunchyroll...

Anonymous said...

hmmm Cxni your from singapore? Didn't know that, must be tough =)


Anonymous said...

Hi: Your situation is empathized by the YourMom Fansubs group. They went further by advising Singapore fans to use other methods to download their anime series. Have you checked their blog yet? GiGi

PS: Yep, there were a lot of complaints about DVDs produced by Odex on their blog too just like you said CxNi

CxNi said...

our fansub group also not only provide torrent download but who those who cant download torrent, they can download from direct download link like what i do for music dl. :)

actually we talk more abt it in our animedaisuki forum... :)